Welcome to my site, Big Picture Agriculture!

Background: I've been an online writer and researcher of food, agriculture, and sustainability subjects since 2009. I grew up on a traditional family farm in the Midwest that practiced rotational grazing, my professional degrees are in science and healthcare, and, I am also a gardener and an artist (Website).

My writing has appeared in the NYT's, CNN.com, Yale E360, Business Insider, Daily Camera, Naked Capitalism, and Seeking Alpha and has been referenced by the Washington-Post Wonkblog, Financial Times Alphaville, Forbes.com, Atlantic.com, Grist, VOX, and Mother Jones. I have been interviewed by Boerderij (leading agricultural magazine in the Netherlands) and AlJazeera Live Europe.

Funding: For the curious, this site is not funded by anyone and the only revenue I receive is from Google Ads.

Valuable News Resource: If you are interested in obtaining high quality Ag-related news each day, I invite you to use the rich resource of news feeds found at the bottom of this site. I doubt that you'll find anything like it anywhere else on the web.

--Kay McDonald

Location: Boulder, Colorado.

E-mail: bigpictureagriculture@gmail.com

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