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The weekly posting schedule here is as follows:
SUNDAY - Weekly global farm and food news photos. TUESDAY - Focus on sustainability, methods, or innovation. THURSDAY - Luddite photo. (As my blogging and the world of the internet has devolved, these days I don't write long articles much anymore, but I will be sure to surprise you with an off the cuff comment once in a while. My goal is to share information and focus mostly on the positive.... energy flows where attention goes.)

Writing: Since I began in 2009, my Ag-related writing has appeared in the NYT's, CNN.com, Yale E360, Business Insider, Daily Camera, Naked Capitalism, and Seeking Alpha and has been referenced by the Washington-Post Wonkblog, Financial Times Alphaville, Forbes.com, Atlantic.com, Grist, VOX, and Mother Jones. I have been interviewed by Boerderij (leading agricultural magazine in the Netherlands) and AlJazeera Live Europe.

Background: I grew up on a farm in the Midwest which practiced rotational grazing. I am a trained health professional, an artist, and an avid gardener.

Funding: For the curious, this site is not funded by anyone and the only revenue I receive is from Google Ads.

Location: Colorado

E-mail: bigpictureagriculture@gmail.com

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